All that is solid – Visit #006

‘All that is solid’ is an exciting new multi-purpose space, recently opened on Osborne Street in Glasgow’s city centre. Located in the shopfront area of newly refurbished studio complex South Block, it is part shop, part gallery, part meeting space, and is a welcome addition to the area.

We stopped by for a look around:

The space is being curated by NORD (Architects for the building) & includes a diverse collection from GOODD who stock design/office/homeware products.

Another Blank Inside favourite, GmbH are responsible for a carefully curated selection of printed materials on sale.

There’s a nice espresso bar as part of the offering, made even more special by the freshly roasted coffee supplied by the nearby Dear Green Coffee Roasters.

Photography //  Gordon Burniston for Blank Inside 2012

‘All That Is Solid – A unique shop and gallery, showcasing products, books, art, architecture, design and fashion. Doubling as a gathering space for ideas and events, or just an opportunity to grab a freshly roasted, artisan coffee from the espresso bar.’
To find out more about the space, enquire about meetings, events or to submit work, please contact

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  1. Wow,looks absolutely stunning. Could do with this in Edinburgh too! It reminds me of a great place in Reykjavik, where artists had studios, they sold their work and there is a great cafe too. I love that type of space, ticks all the boxes and more.

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